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D-ICE Engineering

Combining powerful routing & control algorithms with accurate physical models

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Combining powerful routing & control algorithms with accurate physical models

Founded by scientists and  engineers passionate about the oceans, D-ICE Engineering is a deeptech founded in 2015 in  France with the ambition to contribute to three major challenges of the maritime and marine energy sectors : reducing carbon footprint, improving safety at sea and production of clean energy. Propelled by a team of 25 engineers and PhDs in hydrodynamics, applied mathematics, robotics, control, artificial intelligence, system engineering and software engineering, D-ICE develops numerical multiphysics tools for modelling and simulating complex systems at sea as well as innovative systems and software for navigation, control, optimization and decision support of maritime assets.


Due to new IMO regulations and social environmental awareness, sustainability and fuel consumption reduction are becoming the priority of the shipowners. Also, shipping is an extremely competitive  sector and operational  expenditures are being stretched by all means. For example, fuel consumption represents around half of the operational costs for the biggest shipping companies (between 5 to 10 million euros per year per ship). D-ICE is working on a high-end system, OCEANiCS, tailor-made with specific functions for hybrid ships. With one single system, mariners will be able to do navigation; from nautical charts management and planning, weather routing, autopilot, monitoring and optimization.


Combining powerful routing & control algorithms with  accurate physical models, (commonly named digital twins) OCEANiCS allows :

– Reduction of non productive time for dynamically positioned ships by 2

– Up to 40% reduction of CO2 emissions for merchant ships fitted with wind propulsion

– Up to 20% reduction of CO2 emissions for offshore working ships

Finally thanks to its user  centered design, OCEANiCS is a fast learnt solution, with which seafarer reaches an increased productivity and efficacy.


D-ICE Engineering Nantes – Headquarters

1 rue de la Noë
CS 42103
44321 NANTES
+33 2 40 37 53 25