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German sustainables – Wind power for every corner of the globe

The much-cited freedom above the clouds – Claus Colling has felt it. The founder and current Chief Technology Officer of German Sustainables had spent more than 25,000 hours in the air as a flight captain and expert for the German Federal Aviation Authority. But the view from above also revealed to him the darker side of the globalized world: poverty, lack of prospects and environmental destruction. It became clear to him that the path to a sustainable energy supply of the future that preserves the beauty of nature can only succeed if poor, inaccessible regions of the world are also integrated into the ecological transformation process. The company he founded, German Sustainables, has a vision: to make safe, clean and inexpensive wind turbines available in places where they have not seemed worthwhile until now due to financial and geographical conditions.

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The German start-up, based in the north of the country, will produce a new type of vertical wind turbine in the near future that will run trouble-free under all circumstances and in all weather conditions. The modular design of the turbines allows German Sustainables to deliver anywhere heavy trucks can’t go, such as high and low mountain ranges, marshlands and even narrow coastal areas. The innovative company can also address smaller islands and thus makes an extremely important contribution to sustainable development worldwide as well as to climate protection.
German Sustainables’ turbines are intended to act as a complementary technology to established wind power technology and to be used where conventional turbines cannot be operated profitably. The turbines must be able to function under extreme geographic conditions in order to be used wherever energy production has previously been expensive or uneconomical.

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