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IMEXHS: Innovation in medical imaging

IMEXHS is the place where innovation and technology meet medical experience. The purpose is to democratize access to high-tech imaging management platforms with advanced clinical applications, user-friendly software and AI.

With a background in Neuroradiology and software engineering, colombian company IMEXHS is leading the digital transformation of the medical imaging industry by providing advanced technologies for hospitals and clinics that are scalable, adaptable, accessible and can offer seamless interoperability while maintaining data integrity.

As envisioned back in 2012, the purpose is to improve the quality of life of patients and doctors by developing cutting edge technology to address real needs of physicians, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres. Influencing a positive impact on performance, productivity and overall healthcare costs.

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world technoly leader awardThe company is one of the 12 World Technology Leaders running for the international public vote 2021.