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Winner of the award

inspur group

Inspur Group: Innovations for a data-driven world

Inspur group is China’s leading cloud computing and big data service provider. It is therefore at the forefront of what tomorrows economy and society needs, providing the base of data driven businesses.


Infosys: Follow mother goose

What have a butterfly, ants and geese in common? No, that’s not the beginning of a bad joke. That’s Intersys’ smart visualization of their outstanding services on the interface of digital and talent transformation. Here Intersys goes further: People should not only use the technology but become better.


adidas: with speed into the future

Everything what adidas touches turns to gold. A risky business decision turned out to be groundbreaking, the newest is extremely likely to do the same. But what’s the reason behind this company’s incredible success? Analyzing adidas’ decisions, activities and future visions especially in its marketing and branding indicates what is standing behind it.