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Infosys: Follow mother goose


What have a butterfly, ants and geese in common? No, that’s not the beginning of a bad joke. That’s Infosys’ smart visualization of their outstanding services on the interface of digital and talent transformation. Here Infosys goes further: People should not only use the technology but become better.

In the mass of success stories of western companies, Asian companies, especially Indian, are often neglected. Measured at its history, Infosys is an object lesson about founding a company in the right way, being at least equal to every of their western competitors. Established in 1981 by seven engineers in Pune, India with a seed capital of only 250 Dollar, the company has risen to a global leader in business consulting and technology services with approximately 200000 employees worldwide.

Animalistic good solutions

But what makes Infosys so special in a world full of consulting and IT companies? It’s the values they are standing for. On the website of a consulting company you expect a traditional old-fashioned color scheme consisting of a serious grey, dark blue and, of course, shining white. In contrast, Infosys’s web presence welcomes with a sedated yellow with a butterfly heading towards a marguerite followed by a sky blue with a small tower of ants reaching a leaf with their combined work power followed by a purple with an observant looking wild goose accompanied by its three children. Whereas the butterfly goes along with the fitting header “Digital Core Capabilities” and the ants with “Digital Operating Models”, it’s the geese’s “Empowering Talent Transformations” which matches the best, visualizing the crucial factor of Infosys’s otherness in its sector.

With its services supporting the digital transformation of companies concerning the implementation of AI and agile concepts Infosys sets standards. To leverage deep insights and accelerate innovation, Infosys sees the challenge of company’s process optimization in augmenting their core digital capabilities, closing the gap between physical and digital worlds and modernizing their core systems. However, this field of digital core capabilities is only one part of Infosys’ impressive portfolio, the comparatively bigger business section lays in executing their client’s businesses digital transformation plans with the help of their advanced IT-driven digital operating models, containing services concerning design, proximity, agility, automation and learning.

Power to the people

Nonetheless, on this road technology can only be one side of the picture. Infosys also stands for the empowerment of people in digital processes within a rapidly changing working world in which software is not only getting more and more intelligent but, on the way, to outperform humans. Where former jobs done by humans are outsourced to software and machines, Infosys aims for humans to become better problem-finders and evolve to be more efficient problem-solvers, offering their clients services for work, workforce and workplace transformation.

In combining their people-centered approaches with the latest technological advances, Infosys’ innovation goes far beyond being a standard consulting company, making it a company which offers human solutions for their business clients not only focused on optimizing their profit but also the well-being of their employees in developing them to sustainable workforces being superior to machines. Referring to this, Infosys totally fulfills their websites imagery in behaving like a caring mother goose. Feeding their children is only for surviving. Leading their children to constantly become better in a relentlessly changing environment is for evolution.