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Excellent Technology Leaders in the Spotlight

Innovation is the key to progress and prosperity. It is propelled by technology leaders across the globe. Now twelve of these leaders are being honored with the World Technology Leader Award, which will be presented in China in November. The first winners have now been announced.

The deeper you delve into it, the more exciting the field of technological innovation becomes. For it is by no means always only the major corporations and the great inventions that result in progress. Every day, developers, engineers and creative minds work on creating a better world and developing more convincing products, more sustainable procedures and more efficient processes.

The aim of the World Technology Leader Award (WTL) is to make this world of progressive excellence visible in the various industries. The award explicitly recognizes innovative excellence by companies of all different sizes – from niche solutions to spectacular highlights, from rocket technology to vacuum cleaners.

The dream of manned interstellar spaceflight

The host city of this year’s annual ceremony, which takes place in a different country every year, is Jinan. The metropolis with a population of 8 million is about an hour’s train ride from Beijing. Approximately 600 guests will be attending the event in the capital of the Chinese province Shandong on November 12, where the twelve award winners will be honored. And these range from rocket makers to vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

One of the most fascinating winners of the year is SpaceX, the space technology company owned by the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk. The US-based company proves what entrepreneurial visions are capable of: the dream of manned interstellar spaceflight has made the company one of the leading providers of transport systems into space within only a few years. The spaceship “Starship” and the rocket “Super Heavy” are at the ready as the next generation of spacecraft. One day, they could be able to transport human beings as well as cargo to Mars.

Technological competence at the interface of the digitized world

Another example for innovation is the British appliance manufacturer Dyson. Dyson’s products are able to continually set technological milestones and, as a “game changer”, be a synonym for innovative products across the globe.

This year’s winners also include the Swedish mobile communications corporation Ericsson. The company stands for technological competence at the interface of the digitized world: mobile technology, internet and multimedia communications and telecommunications. Based on its beginnings as a pioneer of telephony in the 19th century, today Ericsson supplies almost all leading network operators and service providers with the kind of mobile and broadband solutions that enable the mobile communication of our time.

120,000 Managers are in demand

The three aforementioned companies are the first names that have been revealed prior to the award ceremony. The twelve companies were chosen by an international nomination committee made up of 32 international managers, entrepreneurs and economic journalists. The international business community, however, will have the final say: the winners of the audience awards will be chosen by roughly 120,000 managers and entrepreneurs around the world, who will make their choice in an online voting procedure organized by the initiator of the award, the market intelligence provider Diana Research in Singapore.