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Direct Smarter: Revolutionizing security and smart home technology

Smart home technologies are an important future technology.
To date, however, the success has remained far below the manufacturers’ expectations. The big players in this market are trying hard to find a solution, but will they really agree to change their business model and stop collecting data?

Ultimately, data storage is the basis of their success, and this gives rise to the reasons why smart home and IoT solutions have not yet had the desired success. Customers are not ready to let the smart devices spy on their lives. In order for the devices to be able to be used, however, the registration of personal data and a constant internet connection are essential. At the same time, this creates the risk of hacker attacks, as the trend is increasing.

David vs Goliath

Sure, there will be further improvements in data protection and against hacking attacks. But it is foreseeable that the data collection and the evaluation for the company’s own purposes will not end; the thought of knowing about every step the user takes and, for example, irradiating him with tailored advertising is too tempting. This is one of the problems, that the 10-person team at DST Direct Smarter Technology  faced. DST is a Startup company, the team started his work in 2016, the company was founded in 2019.

In the area of intelligent “connected life tools”, the company aims to become the market leader. For this purpose, small, mobile devices are being developed that work like the human senses. They “see, feel, smell and hear” what is happening in the environment and report in real time to the owner’s smartphone. The results are more powerful, uncomplicated and cheaper devices, useable anywhere in the world. For use like alarm system, fire detection, vehicle security, room climate surveillance  or smart control of any electric device.

smart home finally simple

These mature products make it possible that the user is not dependent on the servers and the good will of the big player. No registration is required to use the products, no data is collected, and there is no constant internet connection required.  The main difference is: the intelligence is in the product and on the user’s smartphone, i.e. always in the hand and under the control of the owner.

The new radio technology is based on the Bluetooth BLE standard, a new radio protocol called Bluetosec, enables the devices to work directly with the smartphone, on site or via the secure M2M cellular network in the 4G / 5G area. The new radio technology enables products that were previously not possible. Uncomplicated to use, usable anywhere, with the highest level of data and hacker protection.

The future will show whether DST can hold its own as David against the Goliaths of the industry. The disadvantages of today’s technology have been eliminated and ultimately the customer always decides on success. The chances are excellent, that a startup is causing  a revolution  today’s smart technologies.

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