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JABRA: More safety for Video Conferences

“Making Life Sound Better” has been the goal behind the product development of Jabra, a company founded in Denmark, for decades. But the company has not rested on its expertise and experience in audio but has been very vigilant in observing what consumers as well as businesses and employees need and what really drives them.

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During developing the new Jabra PanaCast 50 smart video bar and PanaCast 20 personal camera, the Corona pandemic began. The already existing trend towards video conferencing and video calls, rather than pure phone calls or audio calls, suddenly became a worldwide phenomenon. Jabra’s response to this challenging situation: the development of the first intelligent video bar for the “New Normal”. This puts Jabra among the candidates for the World Technology Leader Award who have brought an important technological innovation with real added value to the market.

The PanaCast 50 is a video conferencing solution for small to medium-sized meeting rooms. In its development, Jabra responded agilely to the new situation and equipped the video bar with additional features for a safe return to the office. In addition to the safe distance that participants can maintain thanks to the 180° panorama coverage, the PanaCast counts those present in a meeting room – even when a video conference is not currently being held. If the maximum number of people allowed in a room is exceeded, it automatically alerts those present and sends a message to the administrator. Office managers can always keep an eye on room utilization via the Jabra Xpress software. All in all, the Jabra product thus combines functionality, security and convenience, and also offers innovative employee protection management that is unparalleled on the market.

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