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Sky Labs entrepreneurial Heart beats for innovation

Sky Labs is a South Korean healthcare company that predicts diseases in daily life using big data with continuous monitoring devices and AI platform, thus making reliable health status information reliable and affordable for users all over the world.

CART-I, a ring-type medical device for continuous Atrial Fibrillation monitoring without user intervention, is the companies’ most innovative health monitoring device and state of the art measurement technology for the human body. It was honoured on 2022 CES Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Fair as one of the most influential medical innovations amongst 1.700 nominees.

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CART-I on the finger collects both ECG and PPG signals and then analyzes the data to obtain information on the pulse rate and Atrial Fibrillation. ECG is more accurate than PPG but PPG has a higher probability of detecting irregularly occurring episodes. Having both techniques together can significantly increase the chance of detecting AF.

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