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Minghu Refrigeration: Make cooling more energy efficient and stable

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Focusing on one thing is the tenet that Jinan Minghu Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. has been insisting for 35 years. For Minghu Refrigeration, air conditioning refrigeration and industrial process refrigeration equipment are continuously optimized, upgraded, researched and developed to innovate to save more energy.

Using less energy to make the temperature of industrial process refrigeration equipment in a stable and controllable range to reduce waste and reduce energy consumption is what the company is doing now, and will continue to do so in the future.

Persevering ingenuity to fill the technical gap

In the past 35 years, the cold water supply unit developed by Minghu Refrigeration has been the third generation product. From the simple and practical of the first generation, to the energy conservation and emission reduction of the second generation, to the intelligent and efficient of the third generation, each improvement is based on the direct interests of the customer and professional customized according to the requirements of 24-hour uninterrupted production in the tobacco industry.

Since the first national patent was obtained in 1999, more than 30 national patents independently developed by Minghu Refrigeration have filled many technical blanks in China’s domestic refrigeration sector. Minghu Refrigeration has also built, renovated and maintained more than 100 large, medium and small cold storages, cleaning, installing, repairing and commissioning various types of cooling water systems, chilled water systems, large central air conditioning chillers and other air conditioning projects. The evaluation given by the partners of Minghu Refrigeration is professional, assured, and high quality.

Recycling air energy to reduce energy consumption

Five years ago, Minghu Refrigeration opened its second technology venture. The company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have jointly developed the first high-temperature unit for cascade air-source heat pump in China. The advantage of this machine is that its maximum outlet medium temperature can reach 110 ° C, and it can absorb heat from -30 ° C to 50 ° C (in special cases, more efficient than 50 ° C).The air energy heat pump technology uses air as a heat source, and the structure is completely separated from water and electricity, and no harmful or toxic gas is discharged or burned in the process. The heat pump is not affected by the weather, and the ambient temperature can work normally at -30 ° C to 50 ° C, which can achieve constant heating, and the heating efficiency can reach 200% to 500%.

Therefore, this equipment is suitable for use in food drying, oil extraction and storage, central heating, petrochemical medicine, tobacco and other industries that have special requirements for temperature and time. It should be pointed out that under the global implementation of green development, the advantages of this high-temperature unit for cascade air-source heat pump recycling energy are more prominent.

More stable present and future

For now, the company is providing stable technical services to the petrochemical, tobacco, and electric power industries. More than 100 modern Chinese state-owned enterprises are using the third generation of Minghu Refrigeration, some of which have been using the company’s products since 30 years ago and are still their loyal supporters. The value of Minghu Refrigeration, like water, may change shape, but always be around the customers, accompanied and become a habit.

Focus, ingenuity, energy saving and stability are the development methods of Minghu Refrigeration for many years. Now, this company, like 35 years ago, has the courage to explore in the refrigeration industry and make strides. Minghu Refrigeration is taking a long-term, sustainable development heart, adhering to the goal of enhancing corporate culture and creating a century-old enterprise.