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MackNeXT: The Entertainment Magician

Creating and implementing innovations – in the entertainment sector this the key to market success. MackNeTX from Germany is one of the innovative leaders of the industry, creating emotions since 1780.

Diving into new worlds and experiencing new things – this has always moved the masses. In its 240-year history the Mack entrepreneurial family has created these fascinations throughout all eras. Their facilities, hotels or the Rulantica water park now form the Europa-Park, Germany’s largest amusement park.

Under the aegis of today’s managing partner, Michael Mack, they are successfully entering the new, digital and previously unknown world of experience. The innovation laboratory MackNeTX of the family company Europa-Park is the place where the latest trends arise, which attract attention and inspire people worldwide.

The combination of virtual reality technology and roller coaster

Example: The combination of virtual reality technology and roller coaster, as can already be experienced today in the Europa-Park. Fantastic worlds play out in front of your own eyes, whilst at the same time the real roller coaster ride – meaning wind, centrifugal forces and curves – remain tangible. During the journey, users see an animated, virtual 3D world that is perfectly tailored to the roller coaster.

Talents and visionaries welcome
The vision-driven special unit MackNeXT works on new dimensions and business models. They use the digital world to expand reality and generate benefit and industry solutions. MackNeXT is always looking for new talents, startups and cooperation partners  of the entertainment industry to work with on 360 degrees entertainment. contact

The driving mind behind such entertainment magic is Michael Mack. The entrepreneur is driven by an indefatigable will to innovate and further develop in a wide variety of fields. “We overcome thought patterns and shape the experiences of the future,” says the 41-year-old family man. Michael Mack initiated a group of ambitious VR pioneers who are committed to the development of innovative multimedia productions. He gave the laboratory for innovations its own name and home: MackNeXT.

The field of activity ranges from immersive entertainment such as new VR productions and exciting storytelling to the development and design of new attractions and rides. “The digital world is our home”, is how visionary Michael Mack describes his think tank.

MackNeXT is divided into three areas. On the one hand, there is the Design & Masterplanning department, where new attractions are developed that are then used in the Europa-Park and around the world. Another focus is on issues relating to brands & licensing. The creative competence is completed by a “MackNeXT-Lab” team, which is on the lookout for innovative and relevant ideas, developments and projects.

Where the impossible becomes possible

The roller coaster ride enhanced by VR is just one of the examples from the innovation factory. The latest attraction, which recently opened its doors, is also spectacular: YULLBE. With the VR adventure, guests immerse themselves in a very special world. YULLBE stands for innovative virtual reality experiences in which the whole family leaves the boundaries of their usual reality behind and the impossible becomes possible. In a virtual world, in which everything around you looks deceptively real, you can suddenly experience things that our everyday life does not have to offer.

Another business area is the area of ​​digital entertainment. These include virtual reality animations, PC games, mobile games, social media concepts and apps. In the area of ​​animation films, for example, “Park at night 4D” or the 90-minute film “Happy Family” (2017) were great successes. In terms of gaming, three games have so far been designed and brought to market: “Voletarium: Sky Explorers” (2017), “Cannon Flight” (2016) and “The mysterious labyrinth of Balthasar Castle” (2015) can be used among other things on smartphones, tablet or PC.

Obviously, in a double sense of the word, the application of the innovations in Europa-Park in Rust, where visitors from all over Europe can regularly enjoy the latest attractions. But the MackNeXT innovations are now used around the world in over 80 other amusement parks and event locations. With looping and at full speed, of course.

Michael Mack is World Technology Leader 2020 for his unique solutions for the media and entertainment industry.


world technoly leader award

The company is one of the 12 World Technology Leaders running for the international public vote 2020.