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Germany: Michael Oelmann

In our new series, we present the 26 members of the Word Technology Leader Award nomination committee. We show them from a personal point of view and ask about their challenges, plans and personal drives. Answered today by Michael Oelmann, founding director of the Die Deutsche Wirtschaft, one of the biggest entrepreneur media in Germany.

The German Michael Oelmann has spent his professional life dealing with business and its mediation and networking. Already during his studies of philosophy he worked as an author for well-known German newspapers and magazines. During his studies he founded “Wirtschaftsblatt”, the largest regional business magazine in Germany, for which he served as an editor for almost 15 years. He has always been active in business associations, e.g. as State chairman of the largest German family entrepreneurs association “The family entrepreneurs” (“Die Familienunternehmer).

Today, he is the owner of several associations, including International media companies like Die Deutsche Wirtschaft and the Research Institute “Diana Research” in Singapore, which was the initiator of the World Technology Leader Award.      

What is the biggest challenge that you think the economy is currently facing?

Our economy is on the move through technological progress and globalization like never before: small companys ones can grow big, but big ones might disappear from the market. Technology brings the lead, but human resources are needed for it. A strong market position is crucial, but social stake holders are critical even more. This world of change is an adventure that demands the best talents of the people who want to lead in it. What a time to be alive!

Which project in your companies are you most enthusiastic about at the moment?

Not only because I answer this question in this context: definitely the development of this award. The contact with entrepreneurs, managers and experts from all over the world is the most fascinating thing I have experienced so far. There is so much spirit of progress in people around the globe that it makes me humble, I’m just offering a stage for their purpose.

Is there someone you would blindly entrust your company to?

To my best competitors.

What kind of boss are you?

One that believes in you can’t change persons, but encourage their talents.

When and where do you get the best ideas?

When not thinking about them.

The “parallel universe question”: If you were not in your current professional position today, where would you be?

A monk, planting herb gardens.

From today’s perspective, what would you give your 20-year-old self with?

You’re right with your visions.