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Hitachi: Turning data into insights

With the spread of IoT, data is propagating at an increasingly fast pace by businesses and consumers. Hitachi Group from Japan is working on these digital innovations to create new value.


Hitachi is focused on its Social Innovation Business that combines information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and products. Hitachi drives digital innovation across five sectors – Mobility, Smart Life, Industry, Energy and IT – through Lumada, Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation. Its purpose is to deliver solutions that increase social, environmental and economic value for its customers.


In accordance with its mission, “Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products,” Hitachi, which celebrates the 110th year since its founding in 2020, has responded to the expectations of society and its customers through innovation. Established as a manufacturer of five-horsepower induction motors, Hitachi has not only developed its ability to create products, but has honed its abilities in control and operational technologies in the more than 100 years it has operated as a manufacturer, as well as its knowledge in information technologies over the past 50 years. Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business combines Hitachi’s OT, IT and products to create new value and resolve social issues.

Currently, the world is facing a variety of changes, including issues related to resource shortages and climate change, demographic changes brought on by the aging of society, and the issues accompanying urbanization. In response to these changes, efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 have begun throughout the world. Under these circumstances, Hitachi will return to its founding principles of advancing societal development with the goal of contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society by evolving its Social Innovation Business on a global scale.


Hitachi’s development of an IoT platform brings to buildings the high added value required for the new normal, including high efficiency of building management and improved comfort for building users.

In recent years, continuous supplies of large office buildings in urban areas cause intensification of competition for gaining tenants. In addition to this, workstyle reform has progressed due to the spread of COVID-19 infection. These changes surrounding buildings have accelerated the moves to improve the high added value of buildings and realize smart buildings by leveraging digital technologies to achieve the increased efficiency and sophistication of operations in buildings and to provide greater comfort to office workers and other building users.

Hitachi - World Technology Leader Award 2020

The IoT platform for buildings is a solution for developers that enables comprehensive remote monitoring and analysis of the operating status of building equipment, including elevators, escalators, and air-conditioning systems. Intended mainly for large buildings, it also enables users to simultaneously monitor and analyze multiple buildings. In addition, it combines and analyzes data about building equipment and the flow of people, including the crowdedness of each area of a building. Thus, it improves building management efficiency and building users’ comfort, and it maintains and improves the quality of building operations.

Along with customers in various business areas, Hitachi Group from Japan is continuously working on digital innovations to create new value.


world technoly leader award

The company is one of the 12 World Technology Leaders running for the international public vote 2020.