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Fulcrum Digital

Supporting the digital transformation

Awarded for
Reducing development costs and go-to-market speeds by a low-code development accelerator platform

Fulcrum Digital is a leading platform and digital solution engineering company, uniquely positioned to deliver on the end-to-end transformation process from technology consulting, enterprise application & platform provision, and full-scale implementation.

As a technology agnostic digital partner, the Fulcrum Digital Group is comprised of six industry-specialized consortiums designed to offer deep expertise and tailored offerings to each vertical, whilst maintaining a connected global Centre of Excellence to allow clients to benefit from our multi-industry vantage point.


Our award-winning premier product, FulcrumOne, is a low-code development accelerator platform designed to reduce development costs and go-to-market speeds through a constantly growing archive of cross-industry and industry-specific components and ready-to-use APIs. We developed the software out of a need for plug-and-play solutions that support global customers in accelerating their digital transformation. The platform’s openness and composite nature make it suitable for external-facing capabilities that new digital business processes, moments, and models’ demand.


  • Acceleration – The task for development of project can be completed in 9 sprints instead of 12.
  • Reusability – All horizontal components are rebuilt to be refurbished seamlessly. 
  • Cloud Elastic – The platform and component can scale up and down as needed creating reliable software.
  • F1 components are ready to Plug & Play as you need. 
  • Agility to adapt to upgrading technologies and applications. 
  • Enables simultaneous rapid innovation across all business units  
  • Reduced Development Cost
  • Faster Time to Market


Jersey City
111 Town Square Place
Suite 1215
Jersey City NJ 07310

Phone: +1 201-523-7555