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The Line – NEOM Project

A 170 km long skyscraper in the desert

Awarded for
The world's most monumental human-made structure
The Story about the Innovation Hub

Saudi Arabia is planning the construction of what could become a 170-kilometer-long skyscraper in the desert. This ambitious project, named “The Line,” envisions accommodating a population of 9 million people. If realized, it would stand as a prominent World Technology and Innovation Hub, representing an unprecedented architectural feat in Saudi Arabia’s history, capable of housing Switzerland’s entire population. The mirrored structure, resembling an enormous snake, aims to traverse the dry desert, equipped with observation platforms and a self-sufficient infrastructure. Part of the Neom project, a futuristic city conceptualized with several hundred billion US dollars, it’s planned near the Red Sea. Post-construction, The Line is expected to house up to 9 million inhabitants, surpassing the populations of Berlin’s metropolitan area and Switzerland. The Line’s vision includes schools, residences, parks, hospitals, sports arenas, and a dedicated yacht harbor. Residents will commute using an underground high-speed train, as private vehicle use won’t be facilitated.

Despite its mirrored exterior, The Line plans to derive all its energy from renewable sources, potentially relying on solar cells. However, the project’s realization remains uncertain. Conceived by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, it could be a defining legacy. Yet, there have been numerous criticisms, particularly regarding the potential displacement of the long-standing Huwaitat tribe. Regardless, the audaciousness of the project sends a strong message to architects globally, encouraging pursuit of innovative visions. Thus, The Line stands as a significant beacon within the World Technology and Innovation Hub, inspiring architectural ambitions worldwide.