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World Technology Leader Award 2020: Nomination launched

The World Technology Leader highlights immaculate examples of innovative strength and technological competence across all industries, all countries and all sizes of companies. companies can apply now.

Every company can apply proactively online. A 26-member international jury consisting of CEOs of previous winners, economists and journalists will create a “Global Top 200 List” from the proposals. The special feature of the award, however, is the direct involvement of the international business community of CEOs and entrepreneurs themselves: 60,000 business leaders worldwide are called upon to vote for the additional audience prizes, primarily via the international network LinkedIn.

Expanding competencies worldwide

Expanding competencies worldwide is the hallmark of Champions. The World Technology Leader Award honors such top achievements across all industries and company sizes. Previously, the twelve winners included Elon Musk’s visionary space company SpaceX, communications supplier Ericsson, Volvo, Indian IT consultant Infosys or Chinese smart grid provider Integrated Electronic Systems Lab.

The illustrious series already shows what the aim of the international award is: to highlight immaculate examples of innovative strength. “Technological progress is not only the hallmark of entrepreneurial success, but the key to solving the challenges of our time,” is the agenda of the World Technology Leader Award.

Next year’s host is the MCI university in Innsbruck

As international as the ranks of the prize winners are, so too are the places of celebration where the prizes are awarded: they take place in a different country every year. In 2019, the awards ceremony took place at an international congress in Jinan, China, attended by around 1,200 top-class business representatives. The next winners will be honoured in Austria. 200 CEOs and entrepreneurs from all over the world are expected to attend the event at the renowned MCI University in Innsbruck on 23rd of April.