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BMW and NVIDIA – the digitization of automotive production

The digital twin for the factory of the future – together, NVIDIA and BMW have developed one of the world’s first technology platforms with the help of the Omniverse Enterprise software solution, which enables teams located all over the world to map processes and procedures in one of the car manufacturer’s numerous factories in a 3D design.

This involves the use of a wide range of software applications whose output can be mapped in Omniverse Enterprise. The individual team members can then examine and evaluate individual process steps independently of one another and from anywhere in the world, create change proposals and integrate the improved processes into the design of the digital twin.

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In this way, a constantly evolving virtual production environment is created whose potential for improvement can be transferred to the physical factories and their processes in a straightforward and rapid manner. Thus, this innovative Omniverse model offers the possibility to work on optimization steps of BMW’s 31 factories in global teams, independent of time and location, and to document these improvements for all to see.

Employees working on the shop floor benefit directly from this documentation, as the digital twin allows them to experience in concrete terms, and thanks to 3D, where changes have been made and how they can integrate them into their existing work processes.

Thanks to the high degree of networking of tools, robots and machines, employees can control the machines in real time and also receive a constantly updated status image of the entire plant in real time. The sensors constantly monitor the production process, and the data generated in this way helps to increase productivity, avoid production downtimes, and optimally maintain the machines and systems.

These tasks succeed with artificial intelligence, which evaluates the resulting data streams and provides appropriate analyses. The successful cooperation between BMW and NVIDIA is an excellent example of the numerous synergy effects that the use of digitization tools in production operations can achieve for both sides.

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