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Alimex – Precision, Quality and Sustainability in Aluminium

Alimex is one of the world’s leading experts in aluminium. As a metallurgy expert, alimex offers its customers individual solutions in the areas of high-precision cast plate-based alloys, heat treatment, machining and processing, as well as macro-microscopic testing related to aluminium. As diverse as this material is, it is also as widespread: aluminium represents the third most common element in the earth’s crust.

Its useful and unique properties as a material for almost all parts of the manufacturing industry are formed at alimex by the addition of alloy-forming substances and the processes of downstream machining. alimex realizes components made of aluminium that not only meet the highest quality standards but are also economically viable.

As a partner of medium-sized companies, but also of internationally active large-scale enterprises, alimex realizes aluminium parts in all geometries, sizes and material properties with the help of a state-of-the-art machine park. Such components are being used in more and more fields: In packaging machines and automation systems, electrical engineering, in vehicle and aircraft construction or in the field of high-vacuum applications in the solar and semiconductor industries. The reasons for the material’s popularity are obvious: Aluminium has a low weight with high stability, conducts temperature and has excellent recycling properties. Added to this are optimum surface properties, yield strengths and machinability, especially in the cast plate process.

In addition to the technical excellence that has distinguished alimex for many decades, and which is regularly confirmed by numerous certifications, the company is also a pioneer and innovator in the field of sustainability: whether social or environmental, at alimex the careful use of resources and forward-looking development are at the heart of corporate activities. It is no wonder, then, that the aluminium produced by alimex is nearly 100 percent recyclable, allowing it to be seamlessly reintegrated into the cycle of recyclable materials. In addition, alimex reviews its supply chains for sustainability and continuously works to optimize the transportation and packaging of raw materials and finished goods and reduce material use. Alimex is therefore an innovator in the aluminium industry par excellence and sets standards in terms of technology, ecology and economy for the entire industry.

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