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Austria: Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann

In our new series we present the 26 members of the Word Technology Leader Award nomination committee. We show them from a personal point of view and ask about their challenges, plans and personal drives. Answered today by Prof. Dr. Andreas Altmann, founding director of the MCI, the entrepreneurial university in Innsbruck. 


The graduate in business administration and economics knew early on that internationality plays a key role in the success of companies and entrepreneurs. During his studies, he already dealt intensively with international contexts and intercultural management. This quickly led to the realization that the combination of teaching, research, internationality and practice can only be used profitably for the managers of tomorrow with the right instructions. 

Among other things, he founded the Management Center (MCI) in Innsbruck, where he laid the foundation stone for the successful careers of his students.

What is the biggest challenge that you think the economy is currently facing?

The big challenge is shaping the future. This is where brave decisions have to be made. One of my primary tasks is to deal with the congestion of infrastructure through further future-oriented investments in research, development, technology and innovation. We also need bold reforms, with particular attention to ecology and sustainability.

Which project in your university are you most enthusiastic about at the moment?

I am particularly impressed by our high level of internationality. We have 4,000 applications from 80 countries annually for our 1,200 study places to be allocated. There are also 280 partner universities around the world. We also offer eleven fully English-language courses and 16 double degrees with international partner universities. But our team is also international. We have 400 full-time employees from 20 countries and 1,000 part-time lecturers from 35 countries.

Is there someone you would blindly entrust your company to?

I have a great team at MCI that I have every confidence in.

What kind of boss are you?

 I would describe myself as demanding and supportive.

When and where do you get the best ideas?

Clearly: while jogging.

The “parallel universe question”: If you were not in your current professional position today, where would you be?

You can be anything in a parallel universe, but I would be an entrepreneur, farmer or writer there.

From today’s perspective, what would you give your 20-year-old self with?

Just do it. What do you have to lose?