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Online Shop Analysis reveals: Only 4% of products generate 80% of sales

Swiss online store giant Digitec Galaxus has made an interesting discovery: As part of a large-scale data analysis regarding the shopping behavior of its users in the fourth quarter of 2021, the company discovered that only a fraction of the products offered in the store are responsible for the lion’s share of the total sales generated.

First, the Swiss found that of a total of almost 3.5 million products currently for sale in the store’s various categories, only around 600,000 had been purchased at least once within three months. This means that, on average, customers only access 17 percent of the total range of goods available, with the rest apparently being demanded much less frequently.

However, it was not only the frequency of product sales in relation to the total range that delivered surprising results: The share of individual products in total sales is also anything but evenly distributed. In the aforementioned analysis, the company found that only 4 percent of all products offered accounted for a good 80 percent of total sales. This means that the high sellers play a special role in the success of the business.

Further information on this analysis can be found here.