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The World Technology Leader Award – honoring the makers of the future

Innovations are the engine for tomorrow’s future. Modern technologies are the basis for economic growth and social prosperity.

For this reason, innovation drivers are the most important resources for global development and contribute to a better world with their ideas and concepts. Whether climate protection, renewable energies, information and data technology, biotechnology, or high-tech materials – they are all indispensable pieces of the mosaic for the prosperity of billions of people on this planet.

Innovative entrepreneurs are the main driver for this. Without their commitment, their will and their dedication, innovation, technology, and progress would not be possible. It is only the initiative and know-how of companies that turn good ideas into even better products and services. This commitment deserves to be recognized in an appropriate manner. The global public is very interested in finding out which companies belong to the top elite of global innovation drivers. No matter what industry you come from, no matter what product or service you offer: Your performance and creativity should be in the spotlight. In this way, we draw the attention of a global audience to the portfolio of these companies, create new contacts for them and bring them to the stage with the who’s who of the world’s most innovative technology companies.

How it works? It’s simple: apply with your company to participate in the World Technology Leader Award! Here your innovation is in competition with top-class companies from all over the world. With our annual award, we give companies like yours an excellent platform – together with Tesla, LG, Hitachi, TSMC, Zoom, Adidas, Volvo, SpaceX, Sony, Dyson, Infosys, Ericsson … – to name just a few. Since 2019 we have successfully brought together participating companies from more than 12 countries on all continents, honoured 48 winning companies, won more than 1,200 participating companies, evaluated 120,000 votes from CEOs around the world and over 1 million company leaders from all over the world to participate invited to this unique competition for international technology leadership.

The nomination process is, by the way, simple, fair, and transparent: First, send us a short application in which you convincingly explain why you are one of the World Technology Leaders and what makes you so special. After an initial review of your application by our nomination committee, which is made up of international experts from 17 countries, we will inform you whether your company can be nominated for the award. If that is the case, your company will be placed on the international shortlist for the World Technology Leader Award. Optionally, you can then take part in a public vote, in which more than 1 million CEOs are involved and choose their favourites. In any case, you will take part in a festive ceremony where you will receive your award and meet top-class technology leaders from all over the world as well as interesting media representatives.

Speaking of media: By participating, you secure the opportunity to attract attention to yourself in an effective way and to address new target groups. So be there this year and send us your application! The application process for this year’s World Technology Leader Award has already started! So be there and take this unique opportunity to present yourself and your achievements to a wide audience in the international spotlight.

We support you with our know-how and a global network of experts. The World Technology Leader Award is organized by the market research institute Diana Research Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore. The company, which specializes in market data and market research, specializes in the identification and analysis of leading companies in the technology sector worldwide. Renowned international media companies, as well as universities and research institutes in this field, use these insights. Michael Oelmann, long-time editor-in-chief of the German business magazine Wirtschaftsblatt and former chairman of the association “Die Familienunternehmer” in North Rhine-Westphalia, acts as chairman of the World Technology Leader Award.

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