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Rational AG

High Technology for Gourmets

Awarded for
Advanced sensor technology and AI for the optimization of cooking processes

Rational AG, based in the idyllic town of Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, is synonymous worldwide with innovation and efficiency in professional kitchen technology. Since its foundation in 1973 by Siegfried Meister, the company has established itself as a market leader and pioneer in the industry with its revolutionary approach to kitchen technology. Rational combines traditional German engineering with state-of-the-art technology to enable catering businesses, hotels and commercial kitchens worldwide to produce food of the highest quality efficiently and consistently.

With over 2,500 employees worldwide and a sales network spanning more than 100 countries, Rational is a global company. It sees itself as a partner to the catering industry and attaches great importance to customer proximity, which is reflected in a comprehensive range of advice, training and services. The Rational Academy, for example, offers cooking seminars and workshops that help customers use the full potential of the equipment and expand their culinary skills.


The company attaches great importance to sustainability and resource efficiency, which is reflected not only in product development but also in the corporate culture. Rational’s commitment to environmental protection is reflected in the continuous optimization of its products in terms of energy efficiency and in the reduction of water and cleaning agent consumption. These efforts help companies not only save costs, but also make a contribution to environmental protection.

The iHexagon impressively demonstrates how high technology and traditional engineering skills can be used to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in kitchen technology and revolutionize cooking experiences. For this reason, Rational is one of the nominees for the “World Technology Leader” Award Category 2024.


Rational’s philosophy is based on the premise of making cooking easier, faster and more economical through intelligent and technologically advanced solutions. An outstanding example of this innovative strength is the iHexagon product, a ground-breaking development in the world of kitchen technology. The iHexagon embodies a new era of kitchen automation by using advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to optimize and personalize cooking processes. With this innovative system, chefs can take the precision and consistency of their dishes to a new level while minimizing energy consumption and production waste.


RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft

Siegfried-Meister-Straße 1
86899 Landsberg am Lech

Phone: +49 (0)8191-327-0