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HSL Technologies

Sustainable Hydrogen Transport

Awarded for
A groundbreaking innovation to transport and store hydrogen via a liquid carrier

HSL Technologies is a French company aiming to revolutionise the hydrogen delivery market with a unique liquid carrier solution. It offers industrial players in the energy sector an emission-free and easy-to-deploy patented solution to transport and deliver substantial quantities of hydrogen. As the hydrogen value chain is still in deployment, HSL Technologies has observed the urge to connect offer and demand. More precisely, HSL Technologies has identified three applications that may benefit from this: overseas hydrogen transportation, strategic storage, and on-board maritime mobility. After the successful launch of its demonstrator in 2022, today the company is successfully deploying its pilots all around Europe.


The company was founded in 2015 thanks to a ground-breaking innovation at the Aix-Marseille University: the two co-founders of HSL Technologies, Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova and Vincent Lôme, got to know this amazing molecule that could spontaneously release hydrogen. Then, they decided to give it a commercial chance as hydrogen was about to become the game changer for planet decarbonization. HSL Technologies was founded with the mission of bringing a novel non-organic liquid carrier of hydrogen to the market.


Unlike other hydrogen distribution methods, HSL Technologies’ solutions are the only ones to be safe and stable at ambient temperature (unlike cryogenic hydrogen), at ambient pressure (unlike compressed gas), non-toxic and earth-friendly (unlike ammonia). Plus, no energy is needed for releasing the hydrogen from the carrier.  The “charging” and “release” of hydrogen invented by HSL Technologies are the only ones in the world to transport and store hydrogen via a liquid carrier with a non-organic basis.


HSL Technologies

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