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World Technology Leader Award: Public Voting started!

The highlight of this year’s World Technology Leader Award has begun: Today marks the start of the public voting! In this voting process, you can choose your favourite for this year’s World Technology Leaders. Each participant has a maximum of three votes to cast, with only one vote allowed per candidate.

Once again, prominent companies from all over the world and across various industries are participating. For instance, the US-based technology giant OpenAI, which has been spearheading an unprecedented revolution in text and image processing and creation with its AI-based application ChatGPT, redefining not just creativity but also expectedly reshaping the future of the workforce.

Porsche, on the other hand, is chiefly known for its timeless designed and technically sophisticated sports cars like the classic 911. However, the company’s substantial efforts in autonomous driving have been less highlighted. Through its involvement in the AVEAS research project, Porsche is setting new standards, laying the groundwork for the future technology of self-driving vehicles. This establishes Porsche as an outstanding World Technology and Innovation Hub and a strong contender for victory in this award category.

Yet, it’s not just the major global corporations that drive significant innovation; medium-sized companies also contribute substantially to technological advancements across numerous industries worldwide. A prime example is the Ernst Blissenbach GmbH, the world leader in tube deburring systems and highly efficient process solutions in the tube manufacturing industry.

The high rate of innovation is evident in Xiaomi’s case: The company has been consistently breaking sales records in recent years. It’s no surprise considering that the company, which has become one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, invests nearly three billion US dollars in research and development—an area where more than 50 percent of Xiaomi employees are engaged.

Exciting, isn’t it? And the best part is, on our website, you’ll find eight more highly innovative companies from around the world in the fields of Automotive, Chemistry, Fintech, Mechanical Engineering, Software, Microscopy, Sensing Technology, and Renewable Energies.

So, what are you waiting for? Cast your vote for your favourite in the Public Voting 2023 right here. The countdown is on: You can participate in the voting until January 1st. You, your colleagues, family members, and friends are all warmly invited to take part. We wish all participating companies great success and strong support!