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International top brands honored at CES in Las Vegas

For many years, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in the United States has been one of the most renowned addresses for the latest highlights in the consumer electronics industry. As early as the beginning of January, the top brands in the field of consumer electronics from all over the world met here. This year again, the big brands from Asia dominated, above all China, which was able to further expand its supremacy in the electronics sector.

The Global Tech Brand Awards were also announced during the exhibition. These awards are presented and run by the Asia Digital Group, the Europe Digital Group and TWICE. Six outstanding awards were announced. First of all, the “2021-2022 Top 10 CE Brands,” the “2021-2022 Top 15 Global Smartphone Brands,” the “2021-2022 Top 15 Global Smart Connected Device Brands,” the “2021-2022 Top 10 Global TV Brands,” the “2021-2022 Top 50 Global CE Brands” and the “2021-2022 International Innovation Enterprises Brand Award” are worth mentioning here.

In addition, the jury, which had spent a good six months studying the innovations of exhibitors and suppliers, awarded a number of special prizes for exceptional technological achievements. In addition to consumer electronics, smartphones, televisions and monitors, suppliers of laser projectors and smart glasses were also among the winners.

Brands honored at the event included world-renowned corporations such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Xiaomi, BOE, Haier, TCL and Changhong. But companies from the second tier, such as TCL, an electronics manufacturer based in Huizhou, China, also impressed the jury and the public alike. In this case, the company succeeded with a novel technology for filtering the harmful blue light spectrum in tablets. In addition, thanks to micro-etching technology, the light appears much more natural than on comparable models.

Further information on this year’s winners and their innovative products can be found here.