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Public Voting Results WTLA 2023 are out!

This year’s public voting for the World Technology Leader Award 2023 ended with a high level of participation. As in previous years, the international public voting, which ran from December to mid-January, was carried out online. Each participant had the opportunity to select a maximum of three favorites from a total of 13 nominated companies from around the world on the WTLA website and to vote for them. Almost 44,000 voters from over 80 countries on all continents took advantage of this opportunity during this period. The participants in the public voting once again chose their favorites for the most innovative companies in the world and their latest inventions.

The clear winner of the World Technology Leader Award 2023 is the AI company OpenAI. With a total of 4,679 votes, the company beat the runner-up by almost 500 votes. With its AI application ChatGPT, which is now part of everyday life for many people, the US technology company reached billions of people around the world. The program made waves in the public and, in addition to numerous use cases, also led to intensive discussions regarding the future role of large language models in the world of work, but also in private life. The World Technology Award team warmly congratulates the winner on this outstanding success in the public voting!

Second place this year went to The Line – NEOM project with a total of 4,180 votes. The project nominated in the “World Technology Leader Innovation Hub” category is one of the largest infrastructure projects in human history. Due to its gigantic dimensions alone, The Line will have a decisive influence on the face of the earth in the coming generations. It’s no wonder that this infrastructure project is captivating people around the world, which was also reflected in the high number of votes in the World Technology Leader Award.

There is a surprise winner in third place this year with Eavor Technologies Inc. from Canada. The innovative company in the energy production sector received a total of 3,925 votes in this year’s public voting and thus took an honorable place on the winner’s podium. Thanks to Eavor Technologies, the full potential in the field of geoenergy could be developed in the future. This in turn would be an environmentally friendly and non-fossil energy alternative that could make a decisive contribution to curbing man-made climate change. We wish you continued success in implementing this renewable type of energy generation.

The following places are also home to illustrious and innovative companies from all over the world whose innovations contribute to more growth, but also environmental and climate protection. The automobile manufacturer BMW, which is heavily involved in the digitalisation of its factories, is one of these winners. With its numerous patent applications and an above-average R&D budget, the cell phone manufacturer Xiaomi is also one of the most innovative companies in the world. Porsche was chosen because of its outstanding research activities in the field of autonomous driving.

Altosens GmbH thrilled the experts with the high-end sensor technology it developed. The medical technology company JenLab developed a novel method for multiphoton tomography that is based on the use of a laser. The Danish company GreyWaterSolution, which has developed a novel process for using gray water in buildings, is also a winner in the field of World Green Technology Leaders. Ernst Blissenbach GmbH, a manufacturer of unique Tube ID scarfing systems, belongs to the most innovative SME in the world. The Austrian specialist for innovative logistics solutions for the energy transition Goldhofer AG, is also among the awarded companies in 2023. Last but not least, the Obrist Group is one of the winners in the World Green Technology Leader Award Category. The Austrians are developing sustainable hybrid vehicles with e-fuels.

Every company nominated for the World Technology Leader Award is a winner: with their innovative solutions in the product and service area, they are shaping the future of tomorrow and thus contributing to a more sustainable development of the globalized world. We congratulate all participants, thank them for their active participation and wish the nominees continued success in successfully implementing their innovations!