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The Multiphoton Tomograph by JenLab sets new Standards in Diagnostics

An extraordinary development from Germany in the world of medical imaging is revolutionizing the possibilities in the field of diagnostics. JenLab GmbH, the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of multiphoton tomographs, has brought forth a groundbreaking innovation. With their technology based on near-infrared femtosecond lasers, they achieve the highest spatial resolution, sensitivity, and functionality in the industry.

Multiphoton tomography has the ability to perform non-invasive three-dimensional optical skin biopsies with subcellular resolution, providing a unique insight into the structure of the skin. The range of applications is impressive, from the early detection of tumors and inflammations to the testing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Even skin modifications in astronauts after long-duration flights can be measured with this innovative technology.

Ultracompact fiber laser with 50 million pulses per second

The MPTcompact, based on an ultracompact fiber laser, is JenLab’s latest masterpiece. With an impressive performance of 50 million femtosecond pulses per second and a wavelength of 780 nanometers, it enables fast and precise scanning of the skin in just a few seconds. All layers of the skin, as well as individual cell structures such as cell nuclei, mitochondria, and cell membranes, can be individually captured. Even the collagen network and individual elastin fibers up to a depth of 200 micrometers are made visible.

Another remarkable feature of this technology is optical metabolic imaging (OMI), which is made possible by imaging the fluorescent coenzymes NADH and flavin through fluorescence lifetime measurement. This precise analysis of fluorescence photons provides information about cellular metabolism and can be used in the evaluation of anti-aging effects.

Diverse visualization options

The MPTcompact offers a total of five measurement modalities, including the capture of two-photon-excited autofluorescence and the visualization of cell membranes through confocal reflection microscopy. Additionally, the collagen network can be visually represented through the two-photon effect of second harmonic generation (SHG). By using a white-light LED module and a miniature camera, an overview image of the examined skin area can even be created, which can also be used for dermatoscopic examinations.

JenLab GmbH has revolutionized medical imaging with its MPTcompact, setting new standards in resolution, sensitivity, and functionality. Their innovative solutions open up completely new possibilities in medical diagnostics and research. We are excited to see what further achievements this company will present in the future.

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